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The Butterfly Button

Imagine a world where every website and app makes information, assistance and support available, anonymously without leaving any traces – at the click of a button.

The butterfly button is a feature that can be easily installed on any application and website in the world. The button opens a secure digital platform that offers advice and support in a discreet and anonymous way, without leaving any traces on the applicant’s device.

Our vision is to reach hundreds of thousands of websites and apps, and be a brand recognized worldwide for domestic violence prevention. The system is designed so that if anyone is in any form of domestic distress, they can report and request help with a simple button press, with maximum discretion.

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Can be easily integrated in any website or mobile application

Enables reporting and requesting assistance with a simple click of a button, anytime and anywhere

Offers anonymous and discreet consultation without leaving traces or browser history

A dashboard where referral statistics are displayed through your website/app

App developers? Website owners? Help us spread butterflies all over the world.
Join now, adopt the butterfly, and together we will have the chance to save lives.

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