For the first time in Israel: a secret button helps victims of domestic violence

The Sdot Negev Regional Council embarked on a special and important project when a special button in the shape of a butterfly was placed on the council's website, through which violence can be reported anonymously

The Negev Fields Regional Council embarked on a special and important project when a special button in the shape of a butterfly was placed on the council’s website, through which domestic violence can be reported anonymously. The purpose of the “butterfly button” is to make it easier for the applicant to receive assistance from professional parties with a simple push of a button, without the need for identification and without leaving traces on the applicant’s device or in the browsing history. Referrals through the button reach the L.A. association. for violence, which has been operating in the field for over 40 years, and its representatives are available 24/7. This is a development of the Kavo company – connecting to a safe world which won the Hackathon 2022 of the Michal Sela Forum.

This year, from January of this year to last October, approximately 5,712 inquiries regarding domestic violence were received at the 118 hotline operated by the Ministry of Welfare and Social Security. This is a 3.6% increase in inquiries, compared to the corresponding period in 2021. Sdot Negev joins a number of private organizations that make the ability to anonymously report domestic violence accessible through the organization’s website, so that the reporter will not have to enter a website that is clearly related to the issue of domestic violence and will thus be able to quietly keep the appeal to the aid agencies and the receipt of the information. Head of the Sdot Negev Regional Council Tamir Aidan: “We are happy to take part in the project and make anonymous assistance available to anyone who needs it, and call on the victims of domestic violence or those who know domestic violence to report and receive the assistance.”

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