The “Butterfly Button" is a feature that can be easily integrated in any application or website in the world, through which you can receive advice and support in regards to domestic violence in a discreet manner and without leaving any traces.

Identify signs of an abusive relationship

Get advice and support from an expert

Press the Butterfly


Estimates published by the World Health Organization indicate that around 1 in 3 women worldwide have suffered or will suffer physical and/or sexual violence from intimate partners during their lifetime.

Domestic violence is a worldwide epidemic

47.8% of women and men in the US experienced domestic violence and did not report it to the police

An estimation of 736M women around the world have experienced or will experience domestic violence

Our Product

The Butterfly Button is a feature created by a tech startup that has been established to disrupt and assist in domestic violence cases. It can be easily integrated into any app or website and serves as an escape button for people that are in an abusive relationship.
It provides the aggressor or victim a digital safe-zone where they can receive help and support, all while keeping everything discreet. By integrating the Butterfly Button on your website or app, you are creating greater awareness and helping prevent domestic violence.

The Problem

  • The violence often occurs behind closed doors.
  • In this field, there is a strong element of shame on the part of the "victim”, who does not seek help, out of fear of "what they will say" or "how it will look“.
  • The solution given today is often one-sided and only addresses the injured party, which does not solve the problem but only treats the symptoms.

The Solution

  • Bringing the issue to the center of public discourse and removing the element of shame and concealment.
  • Providing discreet support and advice without any traces on the applicant's side.
  • Opening an honest conversation space without judgment or blame.

The Team

Maayan Maliach


Uri Grudi


Efrat Ifergan

R&D Team Lead

Elad Abramov


Yogev Lahyani

Tech Lead

Netanel Amar


Perry Shalom