Last month (March 23) we had the privilege of participating in #UNCSW67, an event held once a year at the UN headquarters in New York.

Undoubtedly, these were two educational and empowering weeks.

We were excited to be invited by the Rashi Foundation to present our butterfly button at the conference as an international Israeli technology to save lives and help prevent domestic violence.

We were happy to take part in such an important event that is all about saving lives and solutions to prevent domestic violence.

The event was led by Ambassador Gilad Erdan who spoke, among other important topics, about the necessity for men to be more involved in the fight against domestic violence.

It was inspiring to hear and learn about the amazing innovative solutions presented at the event.

At the center of these solutions, there was a collaboration between @google and the Rashi Foundation called the “HER WAY” initiative, which deals with helping victims of domestic violence enter the high-tech industry, with the understanding that many women remain in a circle of violence due to financial dependence and the fear of not being able to support themselves.

In addition to the presentation of our project at the conference, it was a great honor to personally meet the ambassador @gilad.erdan who led the event.

Ambassador Ardan has extensive experience in the field of domestic violence since his previous position as Minister of Internal Security in Israel where he greatly promoted the field of preventing domestic violence

We are grateful for the opportunity to share our vision “to be integrated into every website or app around the world as a global standard for preventing domestic violence”

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