If you are logged in to read this article because you are afraid that you are experiencing a loss of control or tantrums towards your spouse or children, and you are reading this text now – you have taken an important and meaningful first step. The ability to look inside and examine our behavior as human beings can be important for anyone in a relationship, and even more so for those who fear that they may be hurting their partner.

First of all, it is important that you know that in many cases, getting out of the cycle of violence and violent behaviors is absolutely possible, with the help of appropriate treatment and reaching out for help. You don’t have to disclose, and any action you take will take place with complete discretion. We are here to help you. Contact us now for advice and support and we will be happy to assist you (embedding a suitable link for asking for help)

How will you identify?

• You feel tense, angry, and sometimes lash out at your spouse

• You feel that you cannot trust your partner, fear that they hide things from you at any time, and want to keep them away from family members or friends

• You call them derogatory names, criticize their clothing or appearance, feel that they behave in a way that makes you angry

• You get angry, lash out, shout, break things or even raise your hand and feel great regret and sorrow afterwards, you apologize to them and promise them and yourself that such a thing will not happen again

• You feel that your spouse is the most important thing to you, that they are the whole world and without them you have no purpose in life, therefore you must know where they are and what they are doing every hour of the day

• If these sentences, even just some of them, resonate with you while reading, there may be an element of violence in your relationship, an element that can be addressed and resolved, before it escalates.

• We offer you an open hand for help, with complete discretion and without any judgment or blame. And we invite you to contact us for advice and support, and together we will break the cycle of violence.

בעקבות המצב הבטחוני אנו מצטרפים למאמץ להפיג את חוסר הבהירות ולספק תמיכה לציבור הרחב, עבור כל מי שזקוק.ה לסיוע ועבור כל מי שמעוניינ.ת לספק עזרה

מוזמנים לעבור לחמ”ל המלחמה של הפרפר למציאת דרכים לעזור ולקבל סיוע