It is not easy to end and get out of a relationship of any violent nature. In many cases, it is a circle that includes acts of violence, remorse and asking for forgiveness, gestures of reconciliation and promises for the future on the part of the offending party, which cause the injured party to remain in the relationship.

If you have decided that it is time to leave, or you are trying to help a loved one end such a relationship, it is important that you follow some rules that will ensure that you take this step in the safest and most correct way, without putting yourself in further danger.

1. Create an orderly departure plan, before leaving

when you are under pressure or under threat, it is difficult to think logically. Plan the departure plan, before the departure; What day and time will you leave, what will you take with you, who are your contacts, where will you go and more. Under no circumstances do you share this plan with the offending party, not even a hint, until the moment it is executed.

2.  Do not confront the offending party alone

it is important that when you initiate the separation, you leave when the offending party is not at home, or, if you confront him when leaving, be accompanied by a close person who supports you and is with you in the process. The offending party in many cases can behave unexpectedly and furiously, and you must be protected.

3. Do not hesitate to call the police

if the offending party shows signs of anger or violence when you try to leave, call the police immediately, do not wait and do not let the situation escalate.

4. Go to a safe place

when you leave and especially when children are involved, it is important to go to a safe and guarded place, to be surrounded by supportive family members or friends and to allow yourself the necessary distance from the offending party. Do not tell him where you are going when parting.

בעקבות המצב הבטחוני אנו מצטרפים למאמץ להפיג את חוסר הבהירות ולספק תמיכה לציבור הרחב, עבור כל מי שזקוק.ה לסיוע ועבור כל מי שמעוניינ.ת לספק עזרה

מוזמנים לעבור לחמ”ל המלחמה של הפרפר למציאת דרכים לעזור ולקבל סיוע